The Postwoman's Path
The Postwoman's Path

The Postwoman's Path

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Follow the route taken every day, on foot and in all weathers, by Madame Paris, a postwoman in Aix from 1945 to 1960.
While admiring the panoramic views of the Millevaches plateau and the Auvergne mountains, "le Chemin de la Factrice" allows you to imagine the time when Madame Paris brought the post. This circuit was made by the children of the school of Aix.

3 points of interest

  • History

    Madame Paris and the school in Aix

     At the age of 94, Madame Paris brought this era back to life for the children at the Aix school, allowing them to retrace "the postwoman's path" in her memory.
  • History

    In the footsteps of Madame Paris

    From 1945 to 1960, Madame Paris, a postwoman in Aix, criss-crossed roads and paths on foot, travelling 26 km daily to deliver letters, newspapers and parcels to seventeen homes in the Aix commune. The post arrived in the morning by train from Ussel, at Aix-la Marsalouse station. The head of the post office in Aix then transported it by bicycle to the town post office where it was sorted by three postmen before being distributed.
  • Panorama

    Panorama over the Auvergne mountains

    he path offers a view of the Auvergne volcanoes, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another Auvergne massif with Le Sancy, the Cantal Mountains, presents itself to us during this hike. This massif is, in fact, the remnant of a stratovolcano born 13 million years ago, the largest in Europe, eroded by collapse and glacial erosion.


  1. From the school, go on in front of the town hall. Go up the small street and turn left. Find a fork in the road.
  2. Continue left towards Montasserre. In the hamlet, take a track on the left which leads to a small road; follow it to the right to Encognéras. Take on the right a path that goes on alongside an agricultural building; it crosses fields and woods and reaches the D91. Follow it on the left to Laboucheix.
  3. At the junction, turn right for 50 m, then follow a track to the left. Cut away from the road and continue opposite by a path through a forest. Leave it for a trail on the right that joins a new track; follow it to the right. After a descent, follow a transversal path.
  4. Turn left, then right to return the village of Le Marais. Follow the road to the left, go past La Roussange and continue to the Siauve crossroads.
  5. Climb to the right in the Bois des Buissons until you arrive at a track; take it on the left to join the D 49. Go ahead on the right, then turn right onto a small road. Leave Lavergne on the right and go to Bascoulergue. At Bascoulergue, do not go through the private farmyard but go around the village from below. Leave the hamlet by a path on the left. A little further on, turn left up to the D91. Opposite, take a path that leads back to the D91. Follow the road to the right.
  6. At the crossroads, go back to Aix by the left.
  • Departure : School, Aix
  • Arrival : School, Aix
  • Towns crossed : Aix, Saint-Pardoux-le-Neuf, Courteix, and Couffy-sur-Sarsonne


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Information desks

Place Voltaire, 19200 Ussel

05 19 60 00 30

Access and parking

15 km from Ussel, follow the D 49E 2.

Parking :

School car park, Aix

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