The Bois des Boeufs trail n°45

The Bois des Boeufs trail n°45

Lakes and rivers
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Come and escape into the maze of the mysterious "Bois des Boeufs" and enjoy a stroll to the splashing sound of the Mourne waterfalls.
This trail takes its name from an old legend that an ox, perhaps bewitched by a fairy, once drowned in the tortuous waters of the river.

3 points of interest

  • Heritage site

    The Electrification Museum

    To discover the history of the electrification of Bourganeuf, one of the first illuminated cities in Europe.
  • Heritage site

    The factory ruins

    Below the Mourne bridge, formerly known as the "factory bridge", are ruins. It is a former felt hat factory, which used the driving force of the water to operate.
  • River

    The Mourne

    Unspoiled, this tributary of the Thaurion flows over a granite base, which it shapes over time. Due to the excellent quality of its water, the Mourne is an ecological niche for fish fauna: Brown trout, Perch, White-clawed crayfish... Notable is the presence of the otter, a nationally protected species. The aquatic flora is not very abundant there, because of the acidity of the granite bedrock.


Go down and take the first alley on the left.

  1. Go up the steps to the Chapelle de l'Arrier and go through the back of the building. Cross the D941 and enter under the porch of the Girardin impasse. At the D51, turn left; pass in front of the Museum of Water and Light.
  2. Above the car park, turn right. After the funeral parlour, turn right. After 80 m, turn left onto the tarmac path. Go down to the river.
  3. Just before the footbridge, turn left and follow the stream. Go down the steps overlooking the waterfalls, then cross to the other side. Continue straight ahead, climbing slightly to the right.
  4. In the Bois des Boeufs, turn left under the trees; walk on, alongside a Douglas fir plantation. Go straight ahead until you reach the old factory below the Mourne bridge.
  5. Rejoin the road, turn right, then after the 2nd bend, take the right-hand path and continue straight ahead.
  6. Where the forestry tracks cross, take the uphill route to the left. After 150 m, turn left. At the crossroads turn right. In the hamlet of Petit Mazuras, turn right after the 1st farmhouse, and pass by several buildings. After the walnut tree, follow the markers alongside the meadow.
  7. Join the forestry track and turn right. Enter the Faux-Mazuras National Forest and continue straight ahead until you reach the crossroads. Go slightly to the right. Pass the wooden barrier at the "Bourganeuf" sign.
  8. At the first crossroads, turn left and follow the signs. Continue straight ahead towards the second wooden barrier. On the forestry track, go to the right. Then, straight ahead. At the bottom of the descent, cross the wooden footbridge and continue straight ahead. Turn left just before the funeral parlour. Go on alongside the meadow and turn left. On the D51; go back up to the town. Turn right and then pass under the porch. Go through the Place de l'Arrier, then continue straight ahead. Turn right to finish the walk.
  • Departure : Rue Zizim on the left-hand side of the Eglise St-Jean, Bourganeuf
  • Arrival : Rue Zizim on the left-hand side of the Eglise St-Jean, Bourganeuf
  • Towns crossed : Bourganeuf and Faux-Mazuras


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Best period: spring, summer, autumn.
Walkways are slippery when it rains.

Information desks

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Parking :

Place de l'Etang, Bourganeuf

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