The Longeyroux Peat Bog

The Longeyroux Peat Bog

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This trail from the granite village of Chavanac takes us to one of the most visited sites on the Plateau de Millevaches, the Longeyroux peat bog.
Discover a natural site that is over 8,000 years old: the Longeyroux peat bog! 255 hectares of unique flora and fauna make this site a place full of things to see and hear!

4 points of interest

  • Heritage site


    This church, built in the 13th century, is dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, as are many of the shrines built by the soldier monks. It retains a certain charm despite its slightly steep slate roof (formerly thatched).
  • River

    The Vézère

    With a length of 211 km for a basin of 3736 km², the river Vézère has its source at an altitude of 700 m in the Longéroux peat bog, on the Millevaches plateau in Corrèze. The richness of the lower Vézère in prehistoric deposits gives it an incomparable prestige, which is why part of the Vézère valley has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Peat bog

    Longeyroux peat bog

    The Longeyroux peat bog (255 hectares) occupies the bottom of a basin that collects rainwater from the surrounding puys; this is how the river Vézère was born.
    A cold and humid climate and acid granitic soil have favoured the development of distinctive fauna and flora. A short, 30-minute interpretation trail provides a better understanding of this environment.
    The site's enhancement policy encourages grazing by Limousin sheep and cows to preserve this ecosystem.
  • History

    The Hundred Stones site

    The peat bog has inspired many legends among our ancestors.
    In the past, on the Bog, there lived a ruthless lord and his subjects. One summer day, the whole village was admiring a herd of one hundred cows and their shepherdess. An old traveller addressed the lord:
    "Master, I am looking for a shelter for the night because the storm is coming." The lord refused and threatened to drive him off his land.
    "Very well, I will go," replied the old man, "but know that misfortune will befall you and your domain." The storm was unbelievably violent. There was no estate or lord left, and the shepherdess and her herd had been turned to stone.


Leave from the church square in Chavanac. Take the D49 towards Meymac. At the end of the village, opposite a cross, turn right. After 200 m, leave the road and go straight on a track; pass the last house in the village and continue on the main track.

  1. At the end of this wide track, at a wood storage area, take the path on the right for 100 m. Leave it on the left to cross the stream on a footbridge, and go up a grassy path through a young plantation. This path joins a small road.
  2. Follow it to the left for 500 m. The path leads off to the right, bypassing a forest.
  3. At a crossroads in the paths, take the one on the right, which crosses the Vézère by a footbridge. Continue straight ahead until you reach the grove. Turn right at the entrance to the grove and follow the track that goes straight ahead along the fence. After passing through a wetland, the Hundred Stones site comes into view (you can go in through the gate to get closer).
  4. Continue along this track which enters a wood and then joins the D109 road, which you should take on the right.
  5. From the peat bog car park, you can go down the interpretation trail (30 minute round trip). Continue along the road for 500 metres, then take the track that goes straight off at to the right at a bend. Where the tracks cross, take the right-hand track, which becomes a small forest road.
  6. At a crossroads, this road describes a right angle. 300 metres further on, take a track that goes right into the undergrowth, climbing slightly. After 1 km, you come to an intersection of tracks. Take the beautiful track on the left. After the bridge over the Vézère, it leads to the village of Chavanac.
  • Departure : Church, Chavanac
  • Arrival : Church, Chavanac
  • Towns crossed : Chavanac, Meymac, Saint-Sulpice-les-Bois, and Saint-Merd-les-Oussines


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Warning, do not venture onto the bog in bad weather. Dogs must be on a lead

Information desks

1 place de L'Hôtel de ville, 19250 Meymac

05 19 60 00 30

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Church, Chavanac

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