Lives and Homes of Yesteryear (shorter version)
Lives and Homes of Yesteryear (shorter version)

Lives and Homes of Yesteryear (shorter version)

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As the name of the walk invites you to enjoy a little game guessing the function of the old buildings encountered on the walk.
Exploring the surroundings of Ussel. Identify the old buildings: old dwellings where several houses joined together, thus saving a side wall, farms where the "living" side communicated with the stable to benefit from a little heat, barns where the hay stored upstairs passed through a trap door to the animals. The highlight of the walk is the Combeaux pond, which supplied water to the mills located below and provided fish.

3 points of interest

  • History

    The village of Lignareix

    Don't look for the church in Lignareix; there isn't one in the village. A quirk that is unique in Corrèze; 650 municipalities like this in France…
    The explanation, however, is quite simple: destroyed during the Revolution, it was never rebuilt. The church building was located in a meadow below the town hall.
  • Pond

    The Combeaux pond

    Coming from springs, thanks to the numerous flat areas of this low relief landscape, the streams are the origin of numerous wetlands. Humans have taken advantage of the presence of water and the topography to create a multitude of ponds in Haute Corrèze. This is the case with Les Combeaux, where the monks at the abbey of Saint-Angel created a body of water to supply them with fish and also to turn two small mills below.
  • Peat bog

    Wet meadows

    Situated at the bottom of valleys, often in spring areas or on the bank of a stream that is barely flowing, wet meadows and peat bogs provide small fodder reserves in times of drought. Livestock finds food there during very hot and dry weather events. In the spring, these areas are also good for dragonflies.


Depart from the town hall in Lignareix. Go to the opposite side of the RD 979 and head in the direction of the Combeaux pond.
  1. At the crossroads, turn left. At the end of the village, at the Y junction, take a path to the right. Continue straight ahead.
  2. Join a path when you reach a property; continue to the right until you reach the road. Cross over and take the path opposite. Ignore a path on the right, then on the left.
  3. When you reach the track, turn left to reach the Combeaux pond. At the road, go up to the right towards the building and then back down to the edge of the pond. Take the trail that goes around the pond in a clockwise direction. After the dam, turn left onto a trail that leads to point 3.
  4. Continue straight ahead on the track, ignoring a path on the left and then on the right. After the hedge of beech trees, take the trail that goes down (straight ahead for the complete circuit).
  5. Cross the stream and go up the trail into the plantation. Arrive at Le Suquet; go through the village then take the road on the left to return to the starting point.
  • Departure : Place de la Mairie, Lignareix
  • Arrival : Place de la Mairie, Lignareix
  • Towns crossed : Lignareix


Altimetric profile


This circuit has a shorter version of 7 km, which is described in a separate information sheet.

Information desks

Place Voltaire, 19200 Ussel

05 19 60 00 30

Access and parking

Between Ussel and La Courtine, leave the D 982 to reach the town hall at Lignareix.

Parking :

Place de la Mairie, Lignareix

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