Old Dwellings
Old Dwellings

Old Dwellings

Heritage site and architecture
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A family hike in the heart of the heritage of the Creuse countryside.
This stroll from the village of Malleret leads along pretty paths to two of the three seigniorial strongholds that shared the commune, Pradal and Galemaud (of the third, Segonzat, there are no remains). You can still admire these beautiful houses but must stay outside because they are private.

4 points of interest

  • Heritage site


    One of the smallest communes of Creuse with 44 inhabitants at the last census. At the start of the circuit, a magnificent 14th-century church, which belonged to the Hospitallers of the order of Saint John of Jerusalem, one of whose administrative centres was located in Naberon further north in the current commune of Crocq. Note the curious access to the bell tower.
  • Heritage site


    The villages of Limousin were all strongly involved in agriculture. Walking through these hamlets always produces interesting discoveries during a hike: barns, mansions, crosses and monuments, traditional local architecture... The presence of the two residences in the villages of Pradal and Galemaud, probably the agricultural strongholds of former lords, is, however, a striking fact about the commune of Pradal.
  • Panorama

    Puy de la Chaume

    From the top of the Puy de la Chaume, which peaks at 838 m, a magnificent panorama opens up overlooking the tributary valleys of the Creuse. This region belonged to the former province of Marche, which corresponded to the current department of Creuse extended to part of Haute-Vienne, with Guéret as its capital.
  • Small patrimony

    Between Galemaud and La Gane

    Between Galemaud and Gane, a magnificent little hiking trail. As you leave Galemaud, note the restored bread oven. Past La Gane, don't miss the little cross by the stream.


Departure in front of the church. Go back up to the D29.
  1. At the exit of the village just before the crossroads, take the path on the right. Go right at the next crossroads: the path runs alongside meadows then goes up towards the road that we follow on the right.
  2. Head right towards Pradal. In the village, go left in front of the fountain. After 50 metres, turn left. Then return to the track on the right. Go straight ahead at the next two intersections. Once past the Puy de la Chaume, take the path obliquely to the right to reach Galemaud.
  3. Take the road to the right.  After the oven, take the path on the left to reach La Gane.
  4. Pass the stream, and then take the path on the right. Turn right at the next crossroads to go back up towards Malleret.
  • Departure : Church car park, Malleret
  • Arrival : Church car park, Malleret
  • Towns crossed : Malleret


Altimetric profile


Shooting takes place regularly close to the military camp at La Courtine. Don't worry, it only happens inside the military compound.

Information desks

Place Voltaire, 19200 Ussel

05 19 60 00 30

Access and parking

From La Courtine, follow the D996 towards Flayat, then the D29 (if the camp road is closed, continue on the D996 then after St-Oradoux D18). From Felletin, take the D10 towards Crocq then the D32 towards Magnat then the D18.

Parking :

Church car park, Malleret

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