Heritage and Traditions

Heritage and Traditions

Heritage site and architecture
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This itinerary is an invitation to peace and serenity. As well as passing through a few villages, you will cross the farmland and woods of the commune of St Pardoux les Cards
Saint-Pardoux les Cards offers a restful environment in a hilly and pastoral landscape. This lush, green setting is home to a variety of riches, from the small traditional rural buildings to the château.

3 points of interest

  • History

    St Pardoux les Cards Cemetery

    The portal is surmounted by two veiled funeral urns. The funerary urn is a tradition that dates back to Antiquity where the ashes of the deceased were collected in a container ranging from a simple terracotta vase to a solid gold object. The veil can symbolise sadness or mourning. It also bears an unusual title -Equality- which appeals to the passer-by.
  • Heritage site

    Villemonteix Château

    An archetype of the late Middle Ages with its central keep, parapet and pepperpot towers, Villemonteix Château is also elegant as a result of the discreet modifications made in the 18th century. Among its treasures are an exceptional double Pleyel by Béatrice de Camondo and a rich collection of tapestries (Aubusson, Felletin, Flandres, Beauvais, Gobelins)
  • Flora

    Coudoursoux Wood

    In patois, Coudoursoux means the small dry branch of a tree or bare stem of a plant;
    by derivation, the word refers to a skinny person. The wood of Coudoursoux is composed of various species that contribute to biodiversity.


  1. Take the road to Chénérailles in the direction of the cemetery, cross the D 55 and continue as far as La Bussière.
  2. Go through the hamlet keeping to the left and just after the Coudoursoux stream, take the path to the right.
  3. Where the paths meet, continue to the right and at the crossroads, turn right.
  4. At the intersection, turn left and continue on the left to reach Margnat.
  5. As you leave the village, take the path on the left and continue until the 2nd crossroads.
  6. Turn left and follow the path straight on to return to the stream, the Coudoursoux.
  7. Just before the stream, take the path on the right to the D 53.
  8. At the road, turn right and then take the path on the left after the Coudoursoux stream to return to the road.
  9. At the intersection, turn left and stay on this road, keeping to the right to reach Mornat.
  10. Go through the village keeping to the left, take the path to the right and at the junction, continue to the right and follow the path until you reach the road.
  11. Turn left and go straight ahead until you reach a T-junction.
  12. Turn to the right to return to the D 55; Follow it on the right for 25 m then take the road on the right to go to Essuis.
  13. Go through Essuis then follow the D 55 to continue across the road to Saint-Pardoux les Cards.
  • Departure : Place du Monument aux Morts, St Pardoux les Cards
  • Arrival : Place du Monument aux Morts, St Pardoux les Cards
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Pardoux-les-Cards


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Information desks

Rue de l'Etang, 23700 Auzances

05 55 67 04 99

Access and parking

From Chénérailles, take the D 55 towards Ahun then turn left to reach St Pardoux les Cards

Parking :

Place du Monument aux Morts, St Pardoux les Cards


Emergency number :112

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