In the "Land of the Good Men"
In the "Land of the Good Men"
La Mazière-aux-Bons-Hommes

In the "Land of the Good Men"

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In the Pays des Bonshommes, the 'land of the good men', follow the trails to discover the heritage of La Mazière aux Bons Hommes.
A community of monks of the Order of Grandmont settled in the Middle Ages in the village of Cherbaudy. The Grandmontines were monks who followed a rule of simplicity and austerity. Their life was based on prayer and charity towards the poor; that's why they were nicknamed the Good Men. Today, the name of the commune that this circuit explores still recalls their memory.

3 points of interest

  • Small patrimony

    Fontaine St Jean

    St Jean's Fountain is reputed never to freeze and never to dry up. Next to the fountain, the drinking fountain and the wash-house are placed to form a water management system conforming to a precise layout. The fountain is always located upstream or separated from the other facilities to preserve its purity. An essential landmark in a village, this sort of water management complex symbolises equal access to one of the most precious commodities: water.
  • Heritage site

    St Mamert's Chapel

    This 19th-century chapel is a place of pilgrimage. It is dedicated to St Mamert who instituted Rogation days in the 5th century. To bless and protect crops and livestock, processions and prayers are held during the three days preceding Ascension Thursday. In popular tradition, St Mamert is also the first of the three "Saints of Ice", along with St Pancrace and St Servais (celebrated respectively on 11, 12 and 13 May).
  • Heritage site

    Château du Rocher

    The château was built at the end of the 19th century by Emile Chapal. He was a local industrialist who made his fortune in the fur trade, which was booming in the region at that time. The landscaped park surrounding the château is particularly remarkable.


  1. At La Fontaine Saint-Jean, on the D10, at the entrance of the village, coming from Crocq, take the small road in the village that goes up to the church, then go along beside the cemetery. After a few metres, turn right and continue into the woods.
  2. Continue alongside the Grande Naute lake and go on up to the road. Leave the village of Cherbaudy on the right. Cross the D 941, and head towards Sibiou.
  3. After about 300 m, turn left, through the Bois du Calvaire, to the chapel of Saint-Mamert. Continue along the wooded path to the D 941.
  4. Cross the D 941 to take the marked path in front of you. At the first crossroads, turn right and follow the path for 400 m. before going downhill between two low walls towards the Etang du Châtelard. Go over the causeway and continue straight up.
  5. At the road, turn left at an acute angle and follow the road to La Villeneuve - Pindogne. Continue for 500 m. until you reach the small road on the left and go down through the fir plantation.
  6. Continue on to a T-junction; Turn right, leave the Chemin du Châtelard opposite, and turn left towards La Mazière.
  7. Go through the church square, walk along beside the parish buildings and you will be on the trail that leads to the Saint-Jean Fountain.
  • Departure : St John Fountain, La Mazière aux Bons Hommes
  • Arrival : St John Fountain, La Mazière aux Bons Hommes
  • Towns crossed : La Mazière-aux-Bons-Hommes, La Villeneuve, and Basville


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Information desks

Rue de l'Etang, 23700 Auzances

05 55 67 04 99

Access and parking

From Crocq, follow the D10 in the direction of Basville until you reach the St Jean fountain at the entrance to La Mazière aux Bons Hommes.

Parking :

St John Fountain, La Mazière aux Bons Hommes


Emergency number :112

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