The Wolf Tree
The Wolf Tree

The Wolf Tree

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This circuit around the Commune of Sannat, goes through the Bois d'Evaux from one side to the other, and up to the legendary Arbre du Loup (Wolf Tree), allowing hikers a meditative stopover in the world of tales and legends.
Two symbols come together in this walk: the oak, a sacred tree since antiquity, and the wolf, a fantastic animal, source of many stories.

4 points of interest

  • Expertise

    The laid hedge

    At the base of a hazel tree, the farmer chooses a sturdy branch and notches it so that it can be bent horizontally; the branch thrives and forms an impassable barrier; the operation is repeated from place to place, and the meadow is firmly secured for cattle to graze.
  • History

    Le Masroudier

    Formerly Le Mas-Roudier; "Mas", from the Latin 'mansus', in the Middle Ages meant an agricultural unit operated by a family; In Occitan, "Roudier" means wheelwright.
  • History

    Les Fayes

    From the Latin 'Fagus', this is a very common place name in the region and designates a beech wood. The village had a stone quarry and was home to several masons from the Creuse region.
  • Legend

    The Wolf Tree

    This 300-year-old oak tree is said to have welcomed a she-wolf into its bosom on her way to give birth. After being struck by lightning and bound up by our ancestors, it was then shored up to ensure its survival. At its feet, stands a young swamp oak.


  1. At the small pond, turn left, go past the buildings, turn left and 100 m further on turn left again on the path that descends until you reach the road.
  2. Cross the road and take the logging path opposite, keeping to the right; As you leave the woods, at the crossroads, take the wide path opposite and go straight on to the road.
  3. At the road, turn right and at the first houses, turn right then left to go around the village of Les Rieux.
  4. At the road, go straight on through the village of La Prugne and after the last houses, before the crossroads, take the path in the woodland on the left, keeping left until you reach the road.
  5. At the road, bear right, take the path on the edge of the woods on the left and, where the paths branch, take the second on the right.
  6. At the crossroads, in the bend, go left and down, turn right and go up to the road.
  7. At the road, turn right and immediately left on the road going up; At the crossroads, go left and take the small road on the right.
  8. At the crossroads with the road, turn left and then right at the oratory; go through the village of Les Fayes, keeping to the right, then follow the GR46.
  9. At the road, cross over, take the road opposite, then left, towards the village of Le Clos but just before the houses, turn right towards the village of La Chaize.
  10. At the road, cross over and take the path opposite on the left which runs alongside the new house. Go down to the stream and then straight up in the woods to the site of the Arbre du Loup, the Wolf Tree.
  11. In front of the tree, turn right and, at the crossroads of the GR41 and GR46, follow the GR until you reach the road.
  12. Turn left to stay in the woods and return to La Bussière.
  • Departure : La Bussière, Sannat
  • Arrival : La Bussière, Sannat
  • Towns crossed : Sannat


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Information desks

Rue de l'Etang, 23700 Auzances

05 55 67 04 99

Access and parking

From Sannat, take the D 24 then the D 19 in the direction of Evaux les Bains to reach La Bussière.

Parking :

La Bussière, Sannat


Emergency number :112

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