The schoolchildren's path
The schoolchildren's path

The schoolchildren's path

Heritage site and architecture
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1890: the first start of the school year at Peyrat la Nonière. Long before that, children, with bags on their shoulders, used to wear their goloshes on the surrounding paths.
The commune of Peyrat le Nonière has managed to preserve many traces of its history and its local heritage. By walking in their footsteps, we can immerse ourselves in the world of these schoolchildren of a bygone era in Creuse.

3 points of interest

  • Legend

    The Bol de Gargantua

    An ancient baptismal font. Legend has it that Gargantua passed with his dog over the Barbot bridge which spans the Voueize river at the bottom of the village. Dazzled by this beautiful water, he took his bowl and filled it with water. But he nearly choked when he swallowed a donkey drifting down the river. Mad with rage, Gargantua threw his bowl away, and it landed on the village square.
  • Architecture

    The dovecote of the Château du Chiroux

    The château is distinguished by its rectangular keep, flanked by two watchtowers that contrast with the circular architecture of its dovecote. The pigeons are bred for their meat but especially for the colombina (droppings) which is used as a natural fertiliser.
  • Heritage site

    The Arcy oil mill


  1. Go down the Route de Stade towards the town to join the D4.
  2. Turn right and then follow the path on the left for about 150 m.
  3. Turn left towards Roches.
  4. Turn left and go straight on until you reach the hamlet of Le Boueix.
  5. As you leave the hamlet, turn left. Continue straight on for about 1km to reach the D54.
  6. Turn left and then immediately right for about 200 m.
  7. Take the first right up to the intersection of Château du Chiroux.
  8. Turn left and continue on the path to the hamlet of Arcy.
  9. After passing through the hamlet, at the intersection, turn right.
  10. At the second intersection, turn left and go straight on for about 1.5 km.
  11. Turn left to reach the village of Peyrat la Nonière.
  • Departure : Stade, Peyrat la Nonière
  • Arrival : Stade, Peyrat la Nonière
  • Towns crossed : Peyrat-la-Nonière


Altimetric profile

Information desks

Rue de l'Etang, 23700 Auzances

05 55 67 04 99

Access and parking

7.5 km from Chénérailles via the D4.

Parking :

Stadium, Peyrat-la-Nonière


Emergency number :112

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