The Landes Lake trail
The Landes Lake trail

The Landes Lake trail

Heritage site and architecture
Lakes and rivers
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Discover the Château du Grand Bosviger and typical Limousin hamlets during a walk through woodlands and lakes.
Let yourself be tempted by this peaceful walk which gives you the chance to discover the Château du Grand Bosviger and some of the small picturesque villages of the Limousin. As you journey between woodlands and meadows, you will also pass alongside several ponds, lakes and streams. And if you're lucky, maybe you'll hear or see the black woodpecker nesting in this forest?

6 points of interest

  • Pond

    the Les Landes pond

    The first stage of your walk, the Etang des Landes extends nonchalantly alongside a majestic alley of venerable beech trees. Private.
  • Small patrimony

    Les Ribières Oratory

    Called "oradours" in Limousin patois, the oratories aim to provide protection for outlying villages and offer a place of devotion and prayer for those inhabitants far from the church. Located at the entrance of the village, the oratory of Les Ribières is dedicated to Saint Joseph. A porcelain plaque celebrates the memory of Léonard BOUTET, who died in 1884 in Les Ribières. Topped by a granite cross, the oratory houses a statue of the saint accompanied by the message "To St. Joseph. Reflect on life as you pass by."
  • Small patrimony

    Village of Les Ribières

    Let curiosity be your guide and take a few moments to visit the Ribières. In this small typical Limousin village, you will see old farms and beautiful stone houses, especially the one in the angle where the roads branch in the village centre.
  • Pond

    Etang du Chateau, the chateau pond

    This pond, the last on your walk, belongs to the Chateau of Grand Bosviger, which is located 300 m further on the path on your left. Private.
  • Heritage site

    Château du Grand Bosviger

    Grand Bosviger is one of the many châteaux scattered in the countryside around Saint-Paul, dominating the valleys, meadows and woods. Private property.
  • Panorama

    Viewpoint and beech alley

    A majestic beechwood driveway leads from the Grand Bosviger castle. It offers you an unobstructed view of the Limousin countryside on your left.


  1. Leave from the car park. Take the D115 for a few metres and then take the path on the right. Pass by the pond, the Etang des Landes.
  2. Turn left on the path from Saint-Paul to Népoulaud.
  3. Arrive at the pond of Mon Dilu. Continue straight ahead.
  4. Cross over the D115.
  5. Go down the path "from Pierre Buffière to Les Ribières" then take the sharp right, path "Les Ribières to Aigueperse".
  6. When you get to Les Ribières, take the D115 to the right then take the path to the left "Les Ribières to Le Népoulaud".
  7. Continue straight ahead, and you will arrive at the third lake.
  8. Turn left and go back up towards Le Grand Bosviger, and continue through the beech alley on the right.
  9. At the end of the alley, turn right towards the village of Le Népoulaud. Go through the village.
  10. Turn left after the hamlet then right and go down to the road by the path from Le Népoulaud to Le Petit Bois.
  11. Follow the D 115 to the starting point.
  • Departure : Car park for the pond, Etang des Landes, Saint-Paul
  • Arrival : Car park for the pond, Etang des Landes, Saint-Paul
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Paul


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Don't forget: a bite to eat, some water, suitable shoes, and wet weather clothing. Remember to take your rubbish away with you, and close the gates behind you. Never leave without telling someone where you are going. Respect the fauna and flora. Do not make a fire. Avoid any damage to the paths and their surroundings.

Information desks

Place du Champ de Mars, 87400 Saint-Léonard de Noblat 55 56 25 06

Access and parking

From Limoges, take the D979 towards Feytiat. Then take the D12 towards Saint Paul. From the village of Saint Paul take the D115 to the car park in the woods.

Parking :

Car park for the pond, Etang des Landes, on the edge of the D115, Saint-Paul


Emergency number :112

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