Mysterious fountains
Mysterious fountains

Mysterious fountains

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A family walk on the foothills of the Plateau de Millevaches.
A very pleasant walk from the pretty village of Alleyrat. The variety of landscapes and the many examples of traditional village architecture all contribute to the charm of this walk. Explore them in all the four seasons as the atmosphere changes throughout the year.

5 points of interest
Heritage site

The village of Alleyrat

Grouped around the church, the village of Alleyrat is probably located on a Gallo-Roman site, as can be seen from the “cippe” (old cover of a deceased person's cinerary urn) near the church. The latter is typical of the churches of Haute-Corrèze with its single nave and bell-tower-wall. Note the groove dug by the rope that once operated the bell.
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Small patrimony

The village fountain

In the heart of the village, on the old “couderc” (the old square), the fountain is a source of life; it was around this point that the village gradually arranged itself. A strategic point for water supply but not only that:  to take a break on the road, catch up on the news, sort the world out...
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Le Massif du Sancy

This hike will offer you a remarkable view of the highest volcano in metropolitan France, the Puy de Sancy. At 1885 metres above sea level, this summit is the highest point of the Massif Central. The two streams, the Dore and the Dogne, originate there, and their confluence forms the Dordogne.
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Small patrimony

The drinking fountain in Enclisse

Lost in a narrow path, out of sight, this drinking fountain reminds us of the one in the village of Alleyrat with its multiple uses from a single source.
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Small patrimony

The cross is known as Saint John

This two-sided cross in the popular style with its flattened ends bears, on one side, a representation of Christ on the cross and on the other side, probably, an ecce homo, a representation of Christ wearing a crown of thorns. Originally, it was to be raised on a barrel. At the crossroads, it is probably a cross that was meant to protect the traveller at a time when insecurity was omnipresent.
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Depart from the church square. Take the small road in front of the church; you can see the St-Pierre fountain in the meadow.

  1. In the bend, leave the road to go straight ahead. At the next crossroads, continue left on the road to the village of Enclise.
  2. In the village, go down to the right. When you reach the house, take a short round trip to the fountain. Continue on the path that runs alongside the meadows; go back up to the forest track.
  3. Follow it to the right. At the end of this track, take the road to the right. At the next crossroads (cross on your right), take the track on the right to join the road
  4. Take this road to the left (the portion you took on the outward journey) then the path to the right to reach the starting point.
  • Departure : Church car park, Alleyrat
  • Arrival : Church car park, Alleyrat
  • Towns crossed : Alleyrat, Chaveroche

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Information desks

1 place de L'Hôtel de ville, 19250 Meymac

05 19 60 00 30

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Access and parking

From Meymac, take the D30 towards Sornac. After 7 km, turn right towards Alleyrat.

Parking :

Church car park, Alleyrat

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