The Parleur circuit
The Parleur circuit

The Parleur circuit

Heritage site and architecture
Lakes and rivers
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Explore the ruins of the Le Bost mill during a walk between woods and rivers in the preserved Taurion Valley.
Listen as the murmuring waters of the Parleur and the Taurion tell you the story of the mill in the picturesque village of Le Bost. Search for the remains of the mill among oak, beech and hazelnut trees. Explore the Taurion Valley, classified as a ZNIEFF, with its authentic fauna and flora. Will you be able to recognise the Verbena or identify the traces of the otter and genet that have made their home in this preserved valley?

4 points of interest

  • Small patrimony

    Ruins of Le Bost Mill

    On the banks of the Parleur, are the ruins of the Moulin du Bost: dry stone walls, watercourse, pits, millstones and a collapsed belfry with inscriptions 1840 and 1848. In the 16th century, Michel de Bost, the first known owner, produced wheat flour there. Milling activity ceased at the beginning of the 20th century, and nature gradually reclaimed the buildings. In the 1890s, there was an open-air cafe at the mouth of the river, to which Limoges workers came to dance and fish.
  • Flora

    ZNIEFF Taurion Valley, source of the Parleur

    Classified as a Natural Area of Ecological, Faunistic and Flora Interest (ZNIEFF), the Taurion Valley offers a preserved natural environment, with beech and oak woods and wet meadows. The valley offers remarkable landscapes and a special habitat for many species. We can observe the otter and the genet as well as rare botanical species: Tutsan, known as the All-Purpose Herb, Toadflax-leaved St. John's Wort and Sibthorpia europeana, or Cornish moneywort (protected).
  • River

    The River Taurion

    The Taurion rises on the Plateau de Millevaches, at an altitude of 785 m, covers 125 km and passes through 29 communes before flowing into the Vienne. In Saint-Martin, the Taurion is joined by several tributaries, including the Parleur in Le Bost. The high flow rate has long allowed the flotation of timber and various industrial activities: flour and paper mills, presses... and today a hydroelectric plant. The river is also very full of fish, much to the delight of fishermen.
  • Small patrimony

    Village of Le Bost

    A picturesque hamlet with old stone houses.


  1. In the village of Bost, with your back turned to the inn, take the earth path on the left, just before the first house. At the small clearing, continue slightly to the left and take a very pleasant path that descends, overlooking the Parleur stream.
  2. When you arrive at the small wooden bridge over the Parleur, continue slightly to the left for about thirty metres and, after a bend to the left, follow the Taurion for 500 m.
  3. At the crossroads, continue straight ahead along the forest road that leads up to the village of La Sagne. 
  4. At the top of the forest road, turn left on the communal road, go through the village of La Sagne then, at the crossroads, turn left to the village of Le Bost. Go through it, and admire the beautiful old houses. At the end of the village, find the car park.
  • Departure : Le Bost, Saint-Martin Terressus
  • Arrival : Le Bost, Saint-Martin Terressus
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Martin-Terressus


Altimetric profile


40 min (2.5 km) variation: at point n°3, turn left onto the tarmac road that goes uphill, then turn right on the earth path, passing under hazel trees, then into the open. There is a beautiful viewpoint when you turn around. When you reach the village of Le Bost, turn left to find the car park.

Information desks

Place du Champ de Mars, 87400 Saint-Léonard de Noblat 55 56 25 06

Access and parking

30 minutes from Limoges. Take the RD29 towards Palais-sur-Vienne, Saint-Priest Taurion and Saint-Martin Terressus. In the village, take the RD56 towards Ambazac and then turn left towards Le Bost.

Parking :

Car park in the village of Le Bost village, on the edge of the hamlet, towards the inn.


Emergency number :112

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