"In the footsteps of Martin Nadaud" trail
"In the footsteps of Martin Nadaud" trail

"In the footsteps of Martin Nadaud" trail

Geological interest
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Departing from the Martinèche, Martin Nadaud invites you to discover the paths of his childhood to discover the built and natural heritage of Soubrebost.
Martin Nadaud (1815-1898), a native of Martinèche, was one of the most famous masons in Creuse. First a migrant worker in Paris, he became a teacher and then Prefect of Creuse. As such, he is one of the iconic characters of the Creuse Sud Ouest territory.

5 points of interest

  • History

    House of Martin Nadaud

    When the building goes well, everything goes well! Martin Nadaud, the most famous mason in Creuse opens the doors of his estate in Martinèche for a trip to the 19th century. Films, tools and old photographs retrace the history of the masons, their achievements and daily life in Creuse while the men were on the building sites. The extraordinary journey of this committed republican is also presented through a playful and interactive journey.
  • Geological interest

    The Stone with the nine steps

    A natural, mystical, and/or man-made formation, does this mysterious rocky outcrop have healing powers?
    We don't know what its function was, but we are sure that its nine steps were roughly carved by a human hand.

    There are also two basins at the top.

  • Geological interest

    La Pierre du Duveix

    The Duveix stone is located on the Puy de Soubrebost not far from the Nine-step stone and the Croix de Courson along the trail. This large boulder, precariously balanced, offers a curious spectacle.
  • Small patrimony

    La cabane de carriers

    One of the last quarrymen's huts and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the area can be found in a pleasant setting, equipped for picnics.
  • Heritage site

    The small town of Soubrebost

    Discover the work of the masons of Creuse: houses, barns as well as the church, which is classified as a Historic Monument.
    Beneath the church with its flamboyant portal is a Romanesque crypt housing a surprisingly carved altar front from the 12th century. In the main courtyard of the impressively large building, a wooden virgin covered in copper and partially enamelled from the 13th century evokes the Virgins in Majesty.


From the Martinèche car park, take the road around the Martin Nadaud house and leave the village.

  1. At the crossroads, head in the direction of Vidaillat and continue on the RD34a.
  2. Leave the road to take the first track on the right and then continue on the path that branches off to the right. After having skirted the Puy Maria, arrive at the top of a small hill.
  3. Take the path that climbs on the right to discover the stone with nine steps (round trip).
  4. Join the road to Perseix. At the first house, take the sunken path on the right for 200 m; turn left to go up the Puy de Soubrebost and visit the curious Duveix stone.
  5. Climb to the top of the plot to reach the ridge path, it leads to the Croix de Courson viewpoint on a small way. Go and return on the right just before reaching the road.
  6. Cross the road to observe the quarryman's hut, it's an excellent opportunity to take a break! Go through the car park and take the road in the direction of the village of Soubrebost (passing in front of the cemetery where Martin Nadaud is buried).
  7. In the centre of the village, visit the church on the left and enjoy the beautiful stones of the houses. At the crossroads, turn right towards Bourganeuf.
  8. A few metres after the town hall, take the grassy path on the right and then turn left onto the path leading to Beaumartys.
  9. Go past a wayside cross, continue straight ahead, then join a small road. Follow it on the right to Beaumartys. Go through the village and continue straight on, on the path that passes between two barns.
  10. Continue through alternating meadows and woodlands and observe the landscape... many viewpoints follow one another.
  11. At the crossroads at the bottom of the Puy de la Martinèche, take the path on the right and continue down to the village of Martinèche.
  • Departure : Parking at the Maison Martin Nadaud in la Martinèche
  • Arrival : Parking at the Maison Martin Nadaud in la Martinèche
  • Towns crossed : Soubrebost


Altimetric profile

Access and parking

2 km from Pontarion, follow the D13.

Parking :

Parking at the Maison Martin Nadaud in la Martinèche

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