Circuit of Bois Badaraud
Circuit of Bois Badaraud

Circuit of Bois Badaraud

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Along the Roselle and through Bois Badaraud, managed by the NFB, follow the interpretation trail designed by the students of Saint-Bonnet Briance elementary school.
A short and completely new walk between woods and shores, to discover natural treasures within easy reach.

4 points of interest

  • Flora

    Badaraud Wood

    Managed by the NFB, this wood was badly damaged during the 1999 storm. In 2005, oaks, alders, chestnut trees, beech trees, hornbeams and birches were replanted. One can appreciate a great variety of flora (yellow marsh iris, Touch-me-not balsam, Purple toothwort, etc.). On the ground, ferns, ivy, blackberries and hawthorns grow vigorously, and thanks to the swampy areas, this wood constitutes a privileged habitat for many fauna species (fish, amphibians, aquatic mammals, remarkable bat species...).
  • Lake

    The Roselle

    It rises at Puyfraud and flows 22 km further into the Briance. It is an abundant river, sometimes subject to flooding. There are trout, sculpins and minnows, species very sensitive to the quality of the aquatic environment, such as the European Otter, which also inhabits this watercourse, and the Eurasian water shrew, one of the largest shrew species. Finally, there are several species of toads, frogs, and other salamanders, newts, and green and yellow snakes.
  • Small patrimony

    The ruins of the mill

    As in much of the region, river flows have long been used to create energy. The Bois Badaraud mill produced flour until the beginning of the 20th century. It has long been abandoned and is now in ruins, and it suffered extensive damage during the 1999 storm.
  • Small patrimony

    The stone plank bridge

    Several small bridges cross the river. The footbridges are made of chestnut, while the older bridge is a plank bridge, characteristic of the region. It is made up of stone pillars surmounted by monolithic stone "planks". Stone is also omnipresent along the river, where many blocks of gneiss can be found.


From the car park, go down towards the Roselle.
Take the footbridge and turn left.
After the house, continue to the left until you reach the bridge.
After the bridge, turn left. Follow the path around the Roselle.
Return to the car park.

  • Departure : Car park on Route 7 bis, near Le Bois Badaraud
  • Arrival : Car park on Route 7 bis, near Le Bois Badaraud
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Bonnet-Briance


Altimetric profile


Don't forget: a bite to eat, water, suitable shoes, wet weather clothing.
Remember to take your rubbish away with you, and close the gates behind you.
Never leave without telling someone where you are going. Respect the fauna and flora.
Do not make a fire.
Avoid any damage to the paths and their surroundings.

Information desks

Place du Champ de Mars, 87400 Saint-Léonard de Noblat 55 56 25 06

Access and parking

30 minutes from Limoges. Take the A20, exit 39. Take the D15 towards Saint-Hilaire-Bonneval. Turn left on the D7 bis towards Saint-Bonnet Briance. From Saint-Léonard de Noblat, follow the D7 bis.

Parking :

Car park on Route 7 bis, near Le Bois Badaraud


Emergency number :112

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