Let's walk along the path by the pond
Let's walk along the path by the pond

Let's walk along the path by the pond

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In an exceptional setting, this riverside trail with topical panels offers a walk that is accessible to all.

The pond of Mérignac l'Eglise and its surroundings is waiting to share its secrets with you. Four panels on history, natural environments, fauna and flora add to the interest of this discovery trail. A wooden duckboard crosses the tail-end of the pond and reveals the animal and plant species that inhabit this precious wetland.
To explore with your family.

4 points of interest

  • History

    The story of a village and its pond

    The construction of this pond dates back to the Middle Ages. We are speaking here of a pond based on title, i.e. a pond present before the French revolution with specific regulations... (see panel N°1).
  • Flora

    Precious wetlands

    A wetland is a space that is blocked up or flooded, and is characterised by the presence of hydrophilic species, which love water... (see Panel N°2).
  • Flora

    A multifunctional tree

    As they age, chestnut trees offer micro-habitats such as cavities, loose bark, cracks, and even dead branches in the crown (foliage)... (see Panel N°3).
  • Fauna

    A flying mouse

    Bats are mammals that fly with their hands, hence their scientific name Chiroptera, from the Greek chiro: hand and ptera: Wing. (see Panel N°4).


  1. From the departure sign, cross the D26 to reach the edge of the pond. Follow the water’s edge to Panel N°1 which tells the story of this body of water. Walk along the fence of the Domaine des Monédières. Continue beneath the trees.
  2. When you reach a meadow, walk along the right-hand edge. At the exit, continue to the right on a path that borders a hectare of beautifulland. Cross another field, and then turn right onto a duckboard that crosses the precious wetland area at the tail end of the lake (Panel N°2).
  3. At the end of the duckboard, continue to the right. Ancient chestnut trees stand guard over the path (Panel N°3). Go along the edge of a field (Panel N°4) and continue beneath the trees.
  4. At the end of the trail, go around the private property on the right and find the edge of the lake again, then follow the fence until you reach the road. On the D26, follow the dyke to find the car park.
  • Departure : Parking on the left of the pond dyke, Meyrignac-l'Eglise
  • Arrival : Parking on the left of the pond dyke, Meyrignac-l'Eglise
  • Towns crossed : Meyrignac-l'Église


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Take care with children as you cross the D26 on arrival and departure.

Information desks

Access and parking

27 km from Egletons in the direction of Tulle via the D89. At Corrèze station follow the D26 towards Corrèze, stay on the D26 through Corrèze until you reach the pond at Meyrignac-l'Eglise.

Parking :

Parking on the left of the pond dyke, Meyrignac-l'Eglise

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