The Tour of Eymoutiers

The Tour of Eymoutiers

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From the urban to nature, from the small stream to the majestic Vienne, or from the enclosed forest to the open landscape, all the opposites can be found here!
Eymoutiers, a small city, full of character, offers you a warm welcome! Enjoy its history and its many views. Buildings steeped in history, a small mill, lush forests, breathtaking views, it has everything! Don't hesitate to take a short detour to visit the Saint-Etienne Collegiate Church!


  1. From the back of the car park opposite the police station and the swimming pool, cross the road and go into Chemin du Bouchou (signed No entry) opposite. 10 m further on, take the gravel path on the left. Walk alongside the stadium and then the tennis court.
  2. At the road, cross over and take the small gravel path that runs alongside the pond. Continue until you reach the tail-end of the pond.
  3. Take the small lane between the two conifer hedges on the right. Go up to the road. When you get there, turn left.
  4. Take the small path on the right that runs alongside the field. Follow it until you reach the road.
  5. When you get to the road, go to the left.
  6. Go down the small path on the right just after the viewpoint (please note: not very visible) by the wooden step of the small narrow alley. When you reach a large gate, go down 20 m to the right and take a small path on the left overlooking the washhouse to return to the road.
  7. At the road along the Vienne, turn left and, a few metres further on, enter the park, following the river until you reach the bridge.
  8. Take the bridge and turn left onto the road.
  9. In front of the former house of the MasterTanner, cross the road and take the Chemin du Mirabeau on the right. Follow the path that passes between two dry stone walls.
  10. At the end of the road, take the dead-end lane opposite (slightly to the right).
  11. At the top of the hill, go straight ahead on the grassy path.
  12. When you reach a road, follow it uphill to the left for 500 m.
  13. At the crossroads, at the top of the hill, continue straight ahead on the road opposite. At the next intersection, leave the street on the right and join the D940.
  14. At the departmental road (beware of heavy traffic) cross it and go in the direction of "Le Petit-Bois-Chales".
  15. Before the last houses of the hamlet of Serpeilleras, take a small path on the left. 20 m further on, turn right onto a path and follow it, always going straight on at each intersection for 800 m.
  16. At a crossroads with a path going down on the left, continue straight ahead until you reach the D30 coming from Domps.
  17. At the road, go straight ahead on the asphalt path opposite (beware: two paths cross, do not take into account the purple cross on a white background, but one with the purple line below) and follow it.
  18. At the top of the hill, take the path on the right. Then turn right at the rock. Cross the two small bridges over the stream. At the corner of the house, take the small path on the right alongside the low wall and go up the wooden steps. In front of the building, turn right. Walk alongside the open farm building to the softwood-line alley in front of you. Then follow the alley on the left to reach the private path.
  19. At the path, continue until you reach a crossroads with a road.
  20. Follow it downhill and to the right.
  21. Turn left towards Combas.
  22. At the bottom of the road, turn right into the path. At the next two crossings, go straight ahead.
  23. At the intersection, take the road on the right.
  24. When you reach the road that goes through Eymoutiers, take it on the right. Walk along the pavement and pass in front of the Tourist Office.
  25. Cross the road and take the street in front of the square. Go down it, and at the stop sign, turn right.
  26. Again at a stop sign, pass under the railway track and cross the bridge opposite.
  27. At the crossroads, turn left into Rue du Faubourg de Macaud and go up again.
  28. Turn left on the Chemin des Aubépines.
  29. Pass through a gate without a door and enter the beech woods overlooking the Vienne. Pass through the holiday village, go through it on the road to get back to the road to Peyrat-le-Château. Next to the police station, take the pedestrian crossing and cross over to get back to the car park at the starting point.
  • Departure : Car park in front of the gendarmerie and the swimming pool, Eymoutiers
  • Arrival : Car park in front of the gendarmerie and the swimming pool, Eymoutiers
  • Towns crossed : Eymoutiers


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45 km from Limoges, take the D979 towards Eymoutiers. In Eymoutiers, head towards Peyrat-le-Château on the D940.

Parking :

Car park in front of the gendarmerie and the swimming pool, Eymoutiers


Emergency number :112

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