Around Crozat Wood

Around Crozat Wood

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This circuit is perfect for those who love nature, local heritage and getting away from it all.
On the shores of the majestic Lake of Vassivière, between crosses, menhirs, dry moorland and scents of brush and trees, you can breathe deeply while enjoying breathtaking panoramas.


From the church at Beaumont-du-Lac, go down to the Town Hall. Before the fountain, turn right and go down to the D210.

  1. When you reach the road, turn left onto it and, 200 m further on, take a track on your right. Walk along beside the low stone wall.
  2. At the crossroads, turn left and continue until you reach the hamlet of "La Virolle".
  3. On the way, look at the Virolles cross in front of you. Take the road on the left and continue on to a more major road. Then turn right up the hill.
  4. Take the path that rises on the left and continues up to a mound. Continue along this path until you reach a tarmac road.
  5. When you reach the minor road, follow it on the right until you reach the D222. Cross it and continue on the left. A few dozen metres further on, take the trail on the right that leads you to the Lake Vassivière shoreline trail. Follow it to the left.
  6. After a good walk, at the crossroads, take the uphill path on the left to reach a road. `When you get to the road, follow it on the right for a few metres.
  7. When you reach the menhir, climb the hill behind it. At the top of the hill, take the Chemin des Poètes, the Poets' Path, to the left until you reach the point where five paths cross.
  8. At the crossroads, take the right-most track and continue up to the plateau: It is possible to go and see different viewpoints and exceptional sites by taking the path on your left. (1.5 km round trip). Orientation table, and, below on the right, the site of the Brunagères rocks. Continue on this path and go through a small metal gateway that allows you to climb up through dry heathland. Close the gate tightly, because a herd of harmless goats occupies the site. Once you have enjoyed the exceptional view and the tumulus, retrace your steps to the main path (where you turned left, and then pass in front of the orientation table)
  9. Once you reach the main trail, continue on the downward trail on your left to reach a crossroads with a tarmac track. Follow this track to the village of Quenouille.
  10. Go through the hamlet on your left. When you reach the road, follow it to the left and go down. After you pass the lavoir (the communal laundry), take the track on the left which passes between two low stone walls (Information panel "Chemin des Poètes", the Poets' Path). Continue along the path up to the forest track.
  11. At the track, turn right for 5 metres and then take the track on the left. Follow it until you reach another track.
  12. Turn right towards the woods. At the next crossing, continue straight ahead until you reach a pastured valley.
  13. Turn right before the tarmac portion. Ignore all the paths that go to the left or right, and continue straight ahead.
  14. Take the path on the left, which becomes a stone track. Follow the path until you reach the village and the church.
  • Departure : Church, Beaumont-du-Lac
  • Arrival : Church, Beaumont-du-Lac
  • Towns crossed : Peyrat-le-Château and Beaumont-du-Lac


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Eleven km from Eymoutiers, take the D992 towards Nedde and turn left on the D43 towards Beaumont-du-Lac.

Parking :

Park at the church or the town hall, Beaumont-du-Lac


Emergency number :112

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