The Le Jarissou circuit
The Le Jarissou circuit

The Le Jarissou circuit

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Very easy to access hike at the foot of the picturesque village of Saint-Georges-Nigremont. Discover the country where granite is king! On the way, discover ancient quarries.
Here you are in the land of the king granite. It is present everywhere: in its natural state, such as in the wells of Le Jarissou and Les Murauds, in buildings and retaining walls.

3 points of interest

  • Geological interest

    Granite outcrop, characteristic of the region
  • Expertise

    Former granite quarry

    As a result of the work of the masons, the "Maçons de la Creuse", the extraction of granite remains part of the landscape. Many villages still bear the traces of this iconic exploitation of the territory.
  • Expertise

    Old drinking troughs

    Granite is a ubiquitous material and is also part of our rural heritage. The presence of water troughs shows the importance of water for a livestock-rearing land.


Depart from the village hall. Take the D35 to the village of Chersoubre.

  1. In the centre of the village, where the D35 narrows, take the right-hand path. Don't miss: after crossing the wetlands, on the left, on the edge of the wood, old rough granite watering holes. On the left, a beautiful beech wood with important granitic outcrops overhanging. Further along on the left is the "Berny quarry" with its loading dock.
  2. Another 150 m on, at the three paths, take the one on the left and continue on the left for 80 m.
  3. Continue to the right. Don't miss: on the left, the remains of the quarry "at Dollo" with its loading dock.
  4. Go back up the track to the left.
  5. At the top of the track, go back down to the right above Chersoubre.
  • Departure : The village hall, Saint-Georges-Nigremont
  • Arrival : The village hall, Saint-Georges-Nigremont
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Georges-Nigremont


Altimetric profile

Access and parking

21 km from Aubusson, head in the direction of Felletin on the D982. Then go towards Saint-Frion via the D10. Finish on the D90 towards Saint-Georges-Nigremont.

Parking :

The village hall, Saint-Georges-Nigremont


Emergency number :112

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