By the Puys
By the Puys

By the Puys

Heritage site and architecture
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Between the puys and the Doustre plain, you will need a picnic break at the Etang de Gros.
Around Rosiers-d'égletons, the paths set out for the puys, the real sentinel of the Millevaches plateau, before reaching the Doustre plain, guarded by the Etang de Gros.

3 points of interest

  • History

    Popes of the Limousin

    In the central window of the choir, a modern stained-glass window depicts two popes. In the Middle Ages, the town of Rosiers-d'Egletons was the birthplace of two popes: Pierre Roger de Beaufort who became Clement VI in 1342, and Pierre Roger de Beaufort who became Gregory XI in 1371. They were of the same family since Gregory XI was the nephew of Clement VI.
  • Pond

    Etang de Gros

    The Gros pond is extremely old because it is a pond founded on title, and already existed under Napoleon). Today, leased by the commune, this 12-hectare pond, near the village of Saint-Hippolyte, is a welcoming place for a picnic break or a fishing trip. You will be able to tease pike, zander, carp, perch, and other fish that swim in large numbers in this preserved environment.
  • Heritage site

    Church of Rosiers-d'Egletons

    From the 12th-century church, only the foundations of the porch, the domed apse and the chevet remain today. The chevet, is attractive to look at on the outside with its five cut sides, with Romanesque semi-circular windows supported by lightweight capitals. In the north, there is a capital with palm leaves dedicated to pilgrims from Jerusalem. The 18 modillions, or brackets, supporting the cornice, alternate human portraits, animal shapes and geometric variations.


  1. From the church, take the street on the right heading towards Seugnac, leave the road on the right, continue on the D142.
  2. Go up left into the forest by the track, pass the summit of Puy Guzard and continue straight ahead. Cross the road (old Roman road) and continue opposite on the path between forest and meadow. Leave the path on the right and arrive at Le Bessard. Take the road on the left and use the "boviduc" on the right which passes under the N89. Cross the railway and enter the forest of tall Douglas fir ahead of you. Descend into a trough, cross a stream and reach a crossroads where four paths meet.
  3. Continue to the left alongside the field. At the crossing of Le Puy de l'Homme, turn right and, at the crow's foot, stay on the left. Cross the D66, take the track in front, continue straight ahead, then turn left to join the tail of the pond, L'etang de Gros. Walk alongside the pond on the right.
  4. Walk along the pond dam to the left (at the weir, look out for signs of the presence of the otter: scales, droppings) and continue along the path in the extension. Leave the path to the picnic area on the left.
  5. Turn off on the path to the left. It goes through a remarkable grove of oaks. Take the D142E1 on the left, then the small path on the left in a coppice and turn right. Take the D66 to the right, pass Saint-Roch, cross the railway, follow the N89 to the left, then turn right to reach the church.
  • Departure : Church, Rosiers-d'Egletons
  • Arrival : Church, Rosiers-d'Egletons
  • Towns crossed : Rosiers-d'Égletons and Montaignac-Saint-Hippolyte


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5 km southwest of Egletons by the N89.

Parking :

Church, Rosiers-d'Egletons

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