The circuit from the P.O.C to the dolmen

The circuit from the P.O.C to the dolmen

Heritage site and architecture
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From Avenue du Général de Gaulle (main road) in Uzerche, take the D920 for about 500m in the direction of Tulle, then turn left on the D142 towards Espartignac.
Walk along the route followed by the little train, the "Paris-Orléans-Corrèze" affectionately called "Le Transcailladou". You will be able to see the remains of the castle mound of Château l'Abbaye, and the small path will naturally lead you to the Maison du Loup, set on a rocky spur overlooking the metal road in a meander of the Vézère.

7 points of interest

  • Art


    The sculpture, Prometheus, by Viorel Enache, created in 2005 on the theme of fire. Prometheus, who stole fire to give it to men, is chained to a rock and an eagle comes continually to devour his liver. Prometheus, the one who foresees, the creator of man, whom he models from clay, embodies pride, sacrilege against the Olympian gods or, on the contrary, creative intelligence and even the spirit of rebellion and freedom.
  • History

    P.O.C track

    You will follow part of the old P.O.C. (Paris-Orléans-Corrèze) railway line serving, among other places, Espartignac station. It was in service from 1904 to the early 1970s. This railway made it possible to open up small communities in Corrèze, as well as to transport goods linked to the economic activity of the department such as agricultural products (fruit, livestock) and in particular the transport of the famous "caillades" cheeses which give the line the nickname "Transcailladou".
  • Small patrimony

    The Planquette Bridge

    Entirely renovated in 2006, this picturesque bridge was immortalised by an Occitan folk song.
  • Legend

    Saint-Martial Fountain

    According to oral tradition, the fountain of Saint-Martial sprang from the stick carried by St Martial. This Saint went from Tulle to Uzerche and met a woman in Espartignac carrying water drawn from above. Saint-Martial is said to have asked her for some of her water to quench his thirst, but she continued on her way, ignoring him. The disgruntled travelling saint hit the ground with his stick where a spring gushes out to this day. This fountain is said to have been known to cure scabies.
  • Art

    Nymph preparing to bathe

    On the fountain is De Skiba's sculpture Nymph preparing to bathe, created in 2004 on the theme of water.
  • Archaeology

    Remains of the castle mound of the Château de l'Abbaye

    The Château de l'Abbaye was built on the northern edge of the plateau overlooking a meander of the Vézère and was inhabited until the 12th century.
  • Small patrimony

    The dolmen or "house of the wolf" and the metal route

    On a rocky ridge, a shelter has been built, known as the "House of the Wolf". This shelter is, in fact, a former ford crossing post on the precious metals route, mistakenly interpreted as a dolmen. The Metals Route was a very ancient route, from well before the Roman occupation, that linked Armorica to the Mediterranean and allowed trade, particularly in gold and precious stones, but also in wine and slaves.


  1. Take the D142 E6 towards Ceyrat (D920E). Go past the St-Martial fountain with the sculpture "Nymph getting ready to bathe".
  2. Go down to the old P.O.C. (Paris-Orléans-Corrèze) road and turn right for 1 km, on the left is the Planquette bridge, about 200m further on your right is the old station.
  3. Continue until you reach the D142.
  4. Pass in front of the sculpture, "Prometheus", and at this point take the road ahead on the right.
  5. Then, after 50 m, on the right take the wooden steps in the embankment. Then follow the path through woods and fields.
  6. At the intersection turn left in front of the "Dolmen" information panel. Follow the steep path, continue through a carpet of periwinkle and find the "Dolmen" below.
  7. To return, take the same path again
  8. At the intersection, turn left. Finish the walk back to the starting point.
  • Departure : Town hall car park, 19140 Espartignac
  • Arrival : Town hall car park, 19140 Espartignac
  • Towns crossed : Espartignac


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Take the time to visit the church at Saint-Martial d'Espartignac.

Information desks

10, place de la Libération, 19140 Uzerche 55 73 15 71


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Access and parking

From Avenue du Général de Gaulle (main road) in Uzerche, take the D920 for about 500m in the direction of Tulle, then turn left on the D142 towards Espartignac.

Parking :

Town hall car park, 19140 Espartignac


Emergency number :112

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