The round of the hen houses
The round of the hen houses

The round of the hen houses

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Along the way, you will discover two privately-owned châteaus and the hen houses in the fields.
Between stately homes and rural heritage, the territory of Peyrat la Nonière reveals its past.

4 points of interest

  • Architecture

    The dovecote of the Château du Chiroux

    The château is distinguished by its rectangular keep, flanked by two watchtowers that contrast with the circular architecture of its dovecote. The pigeons are bred for their meat but especially for the colombina (droppings) which is used as a natural fertiliser.
  • Architecture

    The Château de Chiroux

    A former manor house dating from the 15th century, it is distinguished by its rectangular keep which contrasts with the round architecture of its dovecote. Pigeons were raised for their meat, and the droppings were used as fertiliser. Of all the pigeon houses in Creuse, this is one of those that has best preserved its attributes.
  • Architecture

    Domaine de la Vaureille

    This consists of two two-storey main buildings, with a large square tower on four floors. The rear of the building has retained its machicolations, from which boiling oil or water could be poured down on invaders. The façade was opened up in the 16th century, and the crenellated complex is surrounded by high walls and ditches with a drawbridge. It is possible to stay on the estate.
  • Small patrimony

    Field hen house

    Nearly a century ago, chickens had their creature comforts: their homes were cut stone with thatched roofs; the land gave them cover, and they pecked freely during the day; their owners would "go to the hens" and lock them in the hen house at night. The hen house in Voueize will be restored in the course of 2020.


A large parking area is located behind the changing rooms and marks the starting point of the circuit.

  1. Take the road that goes down behind the changing rooms and follow the yellow markings.
  2. After 1.7 km turn right, to go past the Château du Chiroux.
  3. Take the first left, go through the hamlet of La Mazère.
  4. At the outer edge of the hamlet, turn left and then right. Continue straight ahead along the edge of the lake.
  5. Take a left turn.
  6. At the road take the first right and then the first left.
  7. Walk on alongside and past the Domaine de la Vaureille, continue to the cross, turn right.
  8. Take the first road on the left.
  9. At the next road turn left, follow the course of the Voueize river and continue straight ahead until you reach the tiny place known as La Planche. Cross the road and turn left at the first path to return.
  10. Turn to the left and go forwards to the cross.
  11. Take a right turn and then the first left onto Rue Place du Monument.
  12. Turn left and return to the starting point by the Rue du Stade.
  • Departure : Stadium car park, Peyrat la Nonière
  • Arrival : Stadium car park, Peyrat la Nonière
  • Towns crossed : Peyrat-la-Nonière


Altimetric profile

Access and parking

7.5 km from Chénérailles via the D4.

Parking :

Stadium car park, Peyrat la Nonière


Emergency number :112

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