Following in the footsteps of monks and lords
Following in the footsteps of monks and lords

Following in the footsteps of monks and lords

Heritage site and architecture
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After your excursion in the Creuse valley, you will explore picturesque Creuse hamlets.

2 points of interest

  • Heritage site

    Ahun Church and its crypt

    A 13th-century church built above a crypt dating from the 9th and 10th centuries, is testimony to the existence of an ancient pagan temple housing the reliquary tomb of Saint Sylvain, patron saint of Ahun. The choir of the church is embellished with 17th-century carving; the Romanesque chevet also houses a baroque altarpiece. The crypt, a remnant of the original church, is pre-Romanesque. From the imposing Romanesque building of the 12th century, the remarkable five-sided apse and the southern chapel are still standing.
  • Heritage site

    Ahun Moutier Abbey

    This Romanesque abbey was founded in 997, and, partly ruined by the Hundred Years' War, was rebuilt in 1591. Several Gallo-Roman remains can be found in the abbey's garden. From the monastery, which has been renovated many times, only the Gothic porch and the Romanesque choir remain. At the beginning of the 17th century, a group of monks moved back in and asked for it to be attached to the Order of Cluny. The altarpiece, the stalls and the baroque grid that it houses are the work of the Auvergne sculptor, Simon Bauer. With their skillful hands, the artist and his team have carved animals, angels and fantastic characters in wood, a true hymn to nature. The construction of the woodwork, made of oak and chestnut, began in 1673 and was completed in 1681. The whole is completed by a "treasure" of which a Christ on a cross carved in boxwood is the centrepiece.


  1. Take the road that goes to the right when leaving the car park. Go through the farm and continue straight along the road, with the Creuse flowing on your right. At the road turn right, then, at the next crossing, turn left. Continue straight ahead until you reach Les Granges, leaving the Chateau de Chantemille on the right.
  2. As you enter the village, take the small road on the left and then take the path. At the next crossing, take the road on the left and follow it for about 1 km.
  3. Cut the road from Ahun/Busseau to take the very small road opposite to Félinas.
  4. In the village, turn left and go on to the next crossing, and then take the path to the left of the cross. Then turn left, 20 m after a bend to reach the grounds of the Ahun Agricultural High School. Continue to follow the path up to the road. Turn left on the edge of a softwood plantation and then slightly to the right (leave the car park on the left). Go up to the next intersection and turn right.
  5. Continue, then turn right again. Take the next path on the left and join the road. Turn to the right.
  6. At the cemetery crossing, turn left towards the village. Then take the small road on the left after the school and continue until you reach the fairground (church square).
  7. Leave it on the right and take the last road on the left. Cross the B-road at the cemetery and go down into the village of Moutier d'Ahun.
  • Departure : Car park, located on the side of the road leading to the village of La Grange, Moutier d'Ahun
  • Arrival : Car park, located on the side of the road leading to the village of La Grange, Moutier d'Ahun
  • Towns crossed : Moutier-d'Ahun and Ahun


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Access and parking

From the village of Ahun, take the D13 for 2 km to Moutier d'Ahun.

Parking :

Parking located along the road leading to the village of La Grange, Moutier d'Ahun

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