In the footsteps of Simone de Beauvoir

In the footsteps of Simone de Beauvoir

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A pleasant circular walk along the route of the P.O.C. and on the banks of the Vézère.
"The abundance of colours and smells exalted me. Everywhere, in the green water of the fisheries, in the swell of the prairies, under the curving ferns, in the hollow of the coppices, there were hidden treasures that I was burning to discover." (Simone de Beauvoir - Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter) This itinerary refers to the childhood memories of Simone de Beauvoir, philosopher and writer (1908-1986), who spent part of her holidays in the family home, just outside Uzerche.

5 points of interest

  • Small patrimony

    La Petite Gare

    Inaugurated in 1902, the Petite Gare d'Uzerche saw the trains clank through until the 1970s. Today trains no longer run in the centre of Uzerche, the station has been relocated to another part of the city. Now a motorhome reception area, the Petite Gare remains a very special place for residents of Uzerche and tourists alike: for a relaxing stroll or more vigorous exercise, on foot or by bike, and geocaching. ...
  • Panorama

    Garenne du Puy Grolier

    Admire this magnificent view below over the old town of Uzerche and its reflection in the Vézère.
  • River

    Former flour mill / Outdoor Sports Resort

    Located in the former windmill of the Flour Mill, the Vézère Passion Outdoor Sports Resort offers many sporting activities: canoeing, kayaking, rafting, canoe-rafting, tree climbing, climbing, mountain biking, orienteering and lots more.
  • Architecture

    The old town

    The old town of Uzerche concentrates the history of the town. From the 12th-century abbey church of Saint Pierre to contemporary restorations, passing by the many 16th century residences, discover the town's rich heritage. The turrets, symbols of the wealth of the notables and Seneschaux of the 16th century are referred to in the old saying "He who has a house in Uzerche has a château in Limousin".
  • History

    Simone de Beauvoir Media Library

    As a child, Simone de Beauvoir used to spend her holidays in the family home near Uzerche. She wrote of her experiences in "Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter". In honour of this great lady of literature, the city of Uzerche gave her name to the media library built in 2000.


From the reception area for the Petite Gare, take the marked path (old railway line now GR 46) and go along the Garenne du Puy Grolier (rabbit warren) which leads to the old carding mills.

  1. Cross the bridge at the confluence of the Ruisseau d'Espartignac with the Vézère.
  2. Once you are across, take the road on the right for 200 to 300 metres, then the road on the right which runs alongside the Vézère. The landscape of greenery and water extends along the shore and arrives, in the shade, at the sports resort, Station Sports Nature Vézère Passion, which offers multiple activities. Continue along the Vézère.
  3. The circuit continues along Rue de l'Abreuvoir, which leads up to the old town.
  4. After the Simone de Beauvoir Media Library, continue along Rue de la Justice.
  5. At the Place de l'Hospice turn right again and cross the Vézère again via the Turgot bridge to reach the starting point again.
  • Departure : Place de la Petite Gare, Rue Paul Langevin, Uzerche
  • Arrival : Place de la Petite Gare, Rue Paul Langevin, Uzerche
  • Towns crossed : Uzerche and Espartignac


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Take some time to deviate from the circuit to visit the old town of Uzerche (Place des Vignerons and Saint Pierre Abbey).

Information desks

10, place de la Libération, 19140 Uzerche 55 73 15 71


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Access and parking

From Avenue Général de Gaulle (The main road in Uzerche), cross the Turgot bridge, and at the roundabout turn right onto Rue Paul Langevin. Motor home area.

Parking :

Place de la Petite Gare, Rue Paul Langevin, Uzerche

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