In the footsteps of Gorsse, the postman
In the footsteps of Gorsse, the postman

In the footsteps of Gorsse, the postman

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Sornac, 1876. This is where your tour begins in the footsteps of M. Gorsse, a postman, a philosopher, builder and humanitarian dear to inhabitants of Sornac.
Les Entours, Montely, Bel-Air... from one isolated village to another, one can imagine Gorsse the postman weaving links, bringing the mail, some medicine, informal news, a little comfort... Then we imagine him pausing at the top of Puy Chabrier, taking the time to let his gaze and his thoughts slip away, the time to inscribe a few letters into the granite, mysterious sentences engraved for eternity that will challenge you for years to come.

4 points of interest

  • Small patrimony


    Starting and finishing point of your tour, the village of Sornac conceals some little treasures. The church, the cross, the granite fountain... Not to be missed: the softness that emanates from the sculpture of the Virgin Mary on the polychrome altarpiece of the church and, why not, to conclude your tour, visit the tomb of our postman, M. Gorsse in the village cemetery.
  • River

    Les Entours

    The first stop on your tour, this village established near the Diège had a mill. You will cross this stretch of river which is still fragile but already teeming with plants and animals. The Diège, with its source a few kilometres higher up, travels the Haute-Corrèze for 50 km before finally flowing into the Dordogne gorges.
  • Panorama

    Le Puy Chabrier

    The Earth is sorry because the world does not think... Your second stop, the summit of Puy Chabrier, the treasure of this tour. The postman, Gorsse, liked to sit there, taking in his daily route with a glance. Thoughtful and determined, he carved the granite stones surrounding him. Enigmatic, timeless carved phrases. Did he want, across the years, to talk to us? Will you be able to find all his messages?
  • History

    Montely and Bel-Air

    The third and fourth stops on your tour, the villages of Montely and Bel-Air. Villages of a few houses and a few souls for whom the postman's visit could become their link with the outside world, with news arriving from elsewhere.


Departure from the village of Sornac in front of the church.
  1. Take the Rue de la République opposite the church. At the next crossroads, go straight on for a few dozen metres and then turn right into the Route des Bouygues. Then take the Allée du Puy Chabaniou on the left.
  2. At the RD21, turn left and then turn right towards the hamlet of Les Entours. After the small bridge over the Diège, turn right and go to the houses. Follow the path under the conifers to the right.
  3. Before the road, take the path going down under the conifers on the left. Follow it to the path leading to the hamlet of Le Pons.
  4. Follow the path on the right until you get to a tarmac road.
  5. Round trip to postman Gorsse's stones. Take the road on the right up to the crossroads. Go straight across and go down the track to Montely pond. Before Montely, turn left onto the trail as far as the RD21.
  6. Take the small trail that goes up through the undergrowth opposite. At the next intersection, take the path on the right and follow it to the next crossroads.
  7. At the crossroads, turn left for a few dozen metres and then turn right. In the village of Bel Air, take a path on the right that goes down to the RD21.
  8. At the RD21, take it on the left and go across the bridge over the Diège. Take the same path you took on the outward journey to get back to the starting point of the hike.
  • Departure : Place de l'église, Church Square, Sornac
  • Arrival : Place de l'église, Church Square, Sornac
  • Towns crossed : Sornac


Altimetric profile


Several areas are wet, leave well shod.

Information desks

1 place de L'Hôtel de ville, 19250 Meymac

05 19 60 00 30

Access and parking

From Ussel, follow the D982 towards La Courtine. After about 13 km, turn left onto the D21 towards  Sornac.

Parking :

Place de l'église, Church Square, Sornac

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